producin 1***currently looking for album/EP projects for pre-production or production in 2019. write me for details!***

i’ve produced or co-produced most of my records.  i also produce other people’s music. i play just about any instrument you can think of. i write for other people, and sometimes i play in other people’s bands. scroll down to check out my latest production projects.



Erin at Miner Street Studios with Heart Harbor
photo by Jessica Kourkounis


LISTEN: “Never Wanna” (pre-production, production) from Colleen Clark’s “Roulette”. see what i wrote about the record here.

LISTEN: “Grandeur” (pre-production, production, electric guitar, sub-bass) from Jen Zimberg’s “Arrow Up EP”. check out her website to stay in touch and get the rest of this superb collection. see what i wrote about the record here.

LISTEN: “Hating Nothing” (pre-production, production, piano, bass) from Heart Harbor’s upcoming “Tender Trap EP”.  Sign up on their mailing list to get a free download of this song. see what i wrote about the record here. read a great interview with Heart Harbor, including some kind words about working with me.

LISTEN: “My Friends” (pre-production, keyboards) from Maryleigh Roohan’s “Living Alone”

LISTEN: “Jane Avril” (produced, engineered, electric guitar, organ, bass, percussion) from Natalia Zukerman’s Come Thief Come Fire”