producin 1i’ve produced or co-produced most of my records.  i also produce other people’s music. i play just about any instrument you can think of. i write for other people, and sometimes i play in other people’s bands. scroll down to check out my latest production projects. write me for sound samples and rates.


Erin at Miner Street Studios with Heart Harbor
photo by Jessica Kourkounis


LISTEN: “Hating Nothing” (pre-production, production, piano, bass) from Heart Harbor’s upcoming “Tender Trap EP”.  Sign up on their mailing list to get a free download of this song.

LISTEN: “My Friends” (pre-production, keyboards) from Maryleigh Roohan’s “Living Alone”

LISTEN: “Jane Avril” (produced, engineered, electric guitar, organ, bass, percussion) from Natalia Zukerman’s Come Thief Come Fire”