i do all kinds of stuff besides play shows, and it makes me very happy to do so: individual lessons, group workshops, consulting + more. scroll down for descriptions, photos, and testimonials (amen!).

Producing & Sideman Work

i’ve produced or co-produced most of my records.  i also produce other people’s music. i play just about any instrument you can think of. i write for other people, and sometimes i play in other people’s bands. write me for sound samples and rates.

LISTEN: “Jane Avril” (produced, engineered, electric guitar, organ, bass, percussion) from Natalia Zukerman’s Come Thief Come Fire”



Writing Workshops for Adults & Teens



The workshop is limited to 14 participants.  
To secure your spot we suggest you register for the full weekend now or hold it with a $50 non-refundable deposit.  



Institute For The Musical Arts: Adult Writing Workshops & Girls Rock

Erin has been one of the clinicians at our summer music programs for teens since 2006 and leads songwriting workshops for adults as well.  She is an excellent teacher with a good intuitive sense of what is needed in the moment.   Her songwriting clinics and longer workshops have produced superlative results in our student’s work as well as in that of adult workshop participants.   McKeown is skilled at picking out a songwriter’s strengths and weaknesses, possesses a precise ear and ability to identify and remedy shortcomings in a piece, and has helpful tools to pass along to both aspiring and practicing songwriters. – Ann Hackler, Executive Director, Institute for the Musical Arts, Goshen, MA



i love working with students of all ages. check out these recent visits and write me to see what i can do for your school.

Nightingale-Bamford School: Schoolwide Talk & Classroom Visit

Erin came to Nightingale to share the ways she has used various technologies throughout her career, but even more importantly, she captivated and energized our students and faculty with what it means to be an authentic human being and strong woman. Still over a year later, our girls will often talk about Erin’s visit, find ways to apply what she shared in various class discussions and ask when she will return!  -Nicole Blandford, Director of Academic Technology, Nightingale-Bamford School, New York, NY


Holderness School: Schoolwide Performance & Classroom Masterclass

I booked Erin to do a concert at Holderness School and she graciously offered to work with my Songwriting/Recording students in the afternoon before the show. She was masterful both in rehearsing them to play w/her in the concert and in critiquing their original pieces.  In the latter, she was supportive and encouraging, but at the same time spot-on and direct with suggestions on how to improve each song. My songwriting students responded immediately to Erin’s warmth, candor, musicianship, and sense of humor. And the concert that night? Major hit. – David Lockwood, Music Director, Holderness School, Plymouth, NH


Guitar or Songwriting for Intermediate to Advanced Musicians

i take on a small amount of private students. i can teach weekly or monthly, in person (northampton MA or brooklyn NY) or via skype. we will work on improving your guitar skills on electric or acoustic, learning to play and sing songs you love, or improving your own songs. songwriting students will get help starting, finishing, or edit-ing songs through listening, critique, and exercises. write me for rates and scheduling.

SPRING/SUMMER 2015 - now taking new students!!


Consulting & Masterclasses

i’ve been in the music business long enough to know a few things about getting started, sticking around, and making the most of your resources. i can demystify royalty rates, help you generate & maintain revenue streams, improve your online presence, or get you started on an album project. from fan funding to publishing, i have experience. i consult on an hourly basis in person or via skype.

i’m also available for one-time lessons or masterclasses. want to pick my musical brain for an hour? want me to listen to your demos and give you feedback? want me to see your show and help you tighten it up? write me for rates, scheduling, and to brainstorm ideas.