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Posted by erin

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i’WTNV iconm so excited to announce that this july i will be the special guest on welcome to night vale’s summer tour. night vale is a fictional place where every conspiracy is true, a live radio show, and a very very popular podcast. i’ll be opening each show with a 30 minute set. if you’re already a fan, then you’ll know what i mean when i say that i will also be appearing as “the weather”. if you’re new to night vale, you have some catching up to do.

tickets are currently on sale to night vale members only, but will be on general sale soon. click here for all the info!



JUL 7 – Tampa FL
JUL 8 – New Orleans LA
JUL 10 – San Antonio TX
JUL 11 – Dallas TX
JUL 13 – Albuquerque NM
JUL 14 – Mesa AZ
JUL 15 – Los Angeles CA
JUL 16 – Oakland CA
JUL 18 – Salt Lake City UT
JUL 19 – Boise ID
JUL 21 – Portland OR
JUL 22 – Seattle WA