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Jen Zimberg - Arrow Upi’m so happy to announce that the second of the projects i produced this year is ready for your ears.  Jen Zimberg’s “Arrow Up EP” is here!

i first met jen in the spring of 2014 at one of my writing workshops. i was immediately struck by the power of her voice to break through what i took to be a painful shyness. i’ve since come to learn that jen and her music contain multitudes. her songs are both sly and sincere, and they are always deeply spiritual. i think that’s my favorite part about her music – that she is always asking us to look up.

fittingly, we were originally supposed to make this record in a church, but a poorly timed driveway repaving project scuttled that plan. instead, we improvised in a borrowed house just outside of great barrington MA. the superb artist and engineer colleen clark (more on her later next year) came up from maryland to help. maude the cat made trouble until we let her out.

my plan for the record was to imagine jen as a woodland creature that we had just startled in her woodland den. what was she singing before we interrupted? what instruments had she improvised from available plants, rocks, and trees? i love making records with limitations. they help me keep things simple and hone in a real style. if we were only allowed to add just one or two elements, what would they be? jen’s songs demand a delicate but purposeful touch! she’s also a painter, and i think we all thought of these songs more in a design sense. an empty room, a blank canvas, a clearing in the woods where a little light gets through.

enjoy this “grandeur”:

and these fun production photos:


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