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Posted by erin

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dear tom’s of maine

dear tom’s of maine.

you may not realize it, but your recent decision to switch to plastic laminate tubes has stopped Art in its tracks.

for the last 8 years, i have been carefully collecting your aluminum tubes and creating what i consider to be my masterpiece, in the most radical of all gallery spaces, my bathroom. i have personally used every inch of paste in all those tubes. and, i have long dreamt of a sculpture that would one day spill off its original shelf, take over the sink, and eventually, even the shower.

now that dream is no more.

i understand that your decision was not made recklessly. instead, you carefully considered the matter from all sides, and then you made a choice to benefit the environment and reflect consumer preferences.

however, your new plastic laminate tubes will not flatten. they will not crinkle and curl. they will not be bent into expressive shapes. they will lie flaccid and smooth and alone in my recycling bin until they disappear in a stream of spent detergent containers and used waterbottles, lost to time.

tom’s of maine, for the sake of Art, i beg you to reconsider.

erin mckeown