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Posted by erin

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to celebrate today, my 37th birthday, i went on my local radio station with my favorite host EVER, monte belmonte, and gave him a list of 37 things i have never done. some of which i never want to do, some of which i hope to do.

[UPDATE- a few days later, i also went on my favorite NYC station, WFUV, and shared my list with the awesome carmel holt]

  1. had a slurpee
  2. been to asia, africa, australia, antartica, or south america
  3. met sting
  4. changed a tire
  5. shaved my head
  6. seen a david lynch film
  7. ridden a camel
  8. been to an NFL  or NHL game
  9. sung the national anthem at a sports event, or at any event at all
  10. baked a cake
  11. bought a house
  12. had a kid, that i knew about
  13. been abducted by aliens, that i knew about
  14. been on snow skis
  15. discovered a planet
  16. won a prize at a carnival game
  17. gotten married, and i never will
  18. worn contacts
  19. grown a beard
  20. gotten fired from a job
  21. ridden a unicycle
  22. seen star wars
  23. seen an episode of “the sopranos”
  24. finished “friday night lights”
  25. bought or sold anything on craigs list
  26. eaten cotton candy
  27. used a sewing machine
  28. been in a corn maze
  29. my car has never climbed mt.washington
  30. sledded down hospital hill
  31. been to yankee candle
  32. biked across america
  33. milked a cow
  34. eaten lucky charms
  35. thrown the first pitch at fenway
  36. driven a standard 
  37. gone windsurfing