here’s a short list of organizations whose work i support. click to get involved!

Media Action Grassroots Network (
i believe that how we use media and technology is key to breaking down systemic inequalities. mag-net has several ongoing national campaigns that directly address this, as well as providing a detailed list of local organizations you can get involved in.

Border Angels (
working primarily along the US/Mexico border near San Diego/Tijuana, Border Angels offers community support, legal advice, and life-saving water drops for migrants in the desert.

Emancipated Stories (
run by my collaborator quiara, incarcerated people send a page of their own writing, which is then posted publicly for anyone to read, relate, reflect, or respond.

Black Girls Code (
i believe it is RADICAL to teach people how to build technology infrastructures themselves. these girls are incredible!

Berkman Klein Center For Internet And Society At Harvard University (
i spent the 2011-12 academic year here as a fellow, focusing on the intersection of activism, policy, and music. berkman klein is an amazing community of lawyers, developers, activists, social scientists and creators organized around how the internet affects us daily. they also run a tremendous program of events and activities open to the public.

Future of Music Coalition (
FMC provides a crucial bridge between musicians and policy makers. they’re a great resource to keep up with legislation on a national level that affects musicians.

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute (
RPM is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in furthering their own activism. their website provides how-to’s and best practices for better activism, organized by topic.

CASH Music (
CASH makes open-source web tools for musicians. everything from web widgets to entire hosted back-end solutions for mailing list management, e commerce, and direct to fan. plus they run some kick-ass educational programming for everyone to understand the music business better.

Institute For The Musical Arts (
Summer programs in the art of rock’n’roll in rural western massachusetts, for girls age 8-24. i have taught here for 15+ years. they also run wonderful programs for everyone throughout the year.


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